Our professionals will be happy to tailor an outing or package for your business, group or family gathering. In this way, a specific theme of wish can be fulfilled. And whether reminiscing with an anniversary or just work on the sleepy team spirit, anything is possible. Your wish is our starting point.

A customized corporate event is precision work

A car can go to the garage if it is defective. A product can be returned if it does not comply. With experiences it does not work that way. The timing is important because it will never return but remains as a memory. Original Tours works exclusively with professional partners, not only for the execution of your package but also the catering company we work with are selected. All noses in the same direction. We know for sure that your customized corporate arrangement is one to remember. It starts with the preparation. We identify your needs. In the second phase we will take care of the bookings and organization. Finally, on the day of your event, one of our professionals as a permanent contact with all organizing parties.

Special requests or specific objective?

Besides all composite packages and corporate events, it is possible to create a customized event for your company or organization. Based on your wishes we put a program together for you to choose from.

Desire, purpose and size of your custom corporate

We find out the aim of your custom corporate event. Are you looking for teambuilding or is there something to celebrate? Is it an annual event for the whole company or is the event for one department? The purpose of the event is the foundation of the whole event. With the right components, we fill out the whole program of your custom corporate event. Also, the size and composition of the company of interest. Consists the company out of different departments (production, office, logistics, etc.) then it is important that the program is widely appealing. This is our specialty.


Do you have a fixed budget and want to get an offer for your customized corporate event that fits within the budget or do you prefer a range of different possibilities? Of course you can count on a competitive quotation when we use our purchasing channels to negotiate the best prices.

Discuss and compile final program

After our offer we talk through the possibilities. By telephone or at our office at Oudezijds Armsteeg in downtown Amsterdam. After consultation we prepare your final program customized for your business event and we make all preparations for your event. During our customized corporate event, our event coach is present as a true master of ceremonies, leading everyone involved in the right direction.

Make your wishes known to us

We are looking forward to make your wishes come true.
We can be reached via telephone +31 20 789 50 46 or via e-mail [email protected]

What others say

It is always difficult to arrange a corporate event with many different people and take all preferences into account. Luckily, the organization of bedrijfsuitje-amsterdam.nl (Original Tours) succeeded in putting together a nice package for us so we had an unforgettable day!


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